fantasy Genre

Title: No Land For Heroes

Summary: Mildred Berry is down to her last four bullets… In a wild west where the only things more dangerous than outlaws are dragons, Deputy Berry is struggling to protect her town and keep her family fed. As a last resort, she robs a train for ammunition only to find that the cargo she needs so badly was owned by war hero Frederic Rousseau. The same Frederic Rousseau whom she served during the Amelior Civil War. The same Frederic Rousseau she’s been hiding from for the last five years. Millie knows a secret that could ruin Rousseau’s life, and he’ll stop at nothing to keep her from telling the truth. With her violent past bearing down on the life she’s built for herself, Millie has to decide how far she’ll be willing to go to keep her town safe.

Book Cover: No Land For Heroes
No Land For Heroes

Title: No Port in a Storm

Summary: Mildred Berry has emerged from hiding to stand by her friend's side and seek justice against Frederic Rousseau, the man who destroyed both of their lives. But during the Civil War, Millie destroyed lives too. Now old enemies and new are emerging from the shadows, seeking their own justice. It's time to go back to the bayou and face the legacy of she left behind.   Coming Fall 2022

Book Cover: No Port in a Storm
No Port in a Storm